Intruder Alarms. Ensuring an unauthorised entry is notified.

The ability of intruder detection systems to react appropriately when a property is under attack whilst keeping unwanted or false alarms to a minimum is critical.

At IC Fire and Securit y Ltd we believe that following a straightforward process allows us to achieve these goals.

The key steps are:

  • Proper design process. Looking in detail at the premises to be protected, how people use the building and what the risks are.
  • Quality of Installation. Having trained, experienced technical staff installing high quality equipment.
  • Commissioning and training. Ensuring that once a system is tested and set to work that the occupiers of the building understand how they can ensure the system operates correctly and creates a safe environment to work or live in.
  • Maintenance. Once installed, providing the support for the system to continue to operate effectively throughout its lifetime.

IC Fire and Security Ltd at all times work within the guidelines set out in the latest British and European Standards for intruder detection systems and recognise that implementing the recommendations in these standards assures our customers of the best levels of service available.

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